Rpr concave settings

Many farmers have tried aftermarket solutions to prevent rotor loss in their single rotor harvest combines. Could this be the cure that increases yields and cutting speed?

I just got back from Indiana where I was off to see a man about some concaves. As I was driving through the beautiful, historical little town of Frankfort, Indiana I recognized, as you know, Rice Farming TV is about educating the public on how rice is grown WHILE, indirectly supporting the rice industry as a whole…including, I hope, my fellow rice farmers.

Don Estes himself. Before Don Explains to me the specs and advantages of his RPR concave system let me explain to you, my non-farming audience, the issue with harvest combines that he claims is being resolved with his system.

And he has been selling for all crops, everything from carrot seeds to corn, throughout the US as well as abroad. What are concaves?

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The rotor spins at around RPM threshing the crop—separating, in our case, rice from straw. The rice falls through the concaves. Therein lies the issue of rotor loss—when the crop is not properly threshed it gets entangled within the straw and, again, spit out the back of the harvester—lost. The First R stands for Restricted Flow. And the final R stards Round bar with the patented notch which gives a cleaner thresh but alleviates plugging.

Also important to note are the Disrupter Lugs that are bolted into the separating grates which cuts and fluffs straw during threshing—also helping in the separation.

It all sounds really good and the testimonials support the claims. If it works and the farmer sees the prevention of rotor loss, as advertised, he can buy the system and quickly see the return on investment. If the system does not work or the farmer is unhappy then Don will gladly accept the concaves back—no charge. Let me know if you have any questions about that.

Remember down below there is supplemental video and for more information visit estesperformanceconcaves. If you have any questions for me let me know.

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rpr concave settings

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rpr concave settings

Get help. Rice Farming TV. Home How Rice is Grown. All Online Print Articles Television. California Ag Today Radio Broadcast! Full Transcript: I just got back from Indiana where I was off to see a man about some concaves. Follow us on Instagram ricefarmingtv.December 20, It does not matter if you are using Case IH combine or the John Deere version, as it is important to state that your chosen concave will play a pivotal role in harvesting your crop properly.

Right now, you have combine concaves in store and from reputed sectors over here. This kind of concave helps in performing two major features. One is separating and another one is threshing. Threshing is known to be a procedure, which helps in freeing seeds right from the plants. After that, the separation process starts, where the seeds are moved right away from chaff. Working ability as described: In the field of combined concavesthreshing process will be sub-divided into rotating cylinder, incoming crop and the best concave results.

The clearance takes place between the concave and cylinder and termed to be quite adjustable. After the crop enters the clearance platform, the available durable cylinder then squashes it against concave. That helps in shifting the smaller parts through opening. Therefore, as a result, all the grains can easily get separated from plants and without much manual labor to consider. More to know: There are some points, which can determine how clean these samples are going to turn out in grain tank of combine concaves.

Some of those features are bar, wire patterns of concave, clearance distance and the rotor speed. Even the crop types are going to determine the right results over here. It always takes quite a bit of experience if you want to understand more about factors, which are actually influencing the procedure a bit. Once you have started using these products, you will get a hang of it and ways, in which it works.

For the crops available: It is not that easy to create a balance between the concave clearance and the cylinder rotating speed. The main purpose of this segment is to regular the flow of material. If you end up with more space than what is required, then the grains might not be separated as you have wanted. On the other hand, if the mechanism is rather tight, this might damage the combine concaves completely along with the entire machine.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to just consult the manual of the combine operation first before starting with the clearance settings. Different bars and wires available: Always remember that concaves are associated with various types of wires and bars. These straight bars are used to run parallel and the curved wires, on the other hand, are perpendicular in nature to rotating axis. There are narrow wired ones available too for smaller grains like barley and wheat.

XPR vs RPR Concaves

Just be sure of the available options, before you can come up with one of your choice. Post a comment. However, the latest Combines, are so well built that they can come close to those objectives if you are willing to put resources into the everyday harvesting. To get your combine work at peak performance, here are critical recommendations of John Deere Combine Setting : 1. Pre-Season Inspection Investigating a combine requires speculation on whether particular segments will endure the season or not?

Do any parts require substitution? Answer these questions through a careful examination. Run the machine and have someone who is expert sit next to you to decide on this factor. Maintenance Troubleshooti…. Read more. September 09, Farmers are most hard working people on this globe. They are the food producers. Tractors are used as farming machines before JD concaves are used. Among the many farming tools today, JD is one of the best concaves.STS Series:, S Series:, Harvest ALL crops with one set of concaves!

Available for both John Deere and Case combines. This is the John Deere-compatible version.

Thrash Master Concave System

The extra space between the bars allows you to unload threshed grain in the Concave section of the combine, rather than carrying it all the way through to the separating section, which overloads the separator. The main reason for rotor loss is overloading the the separating system. The machined, 90 degree, hard-surfaced, notch on the face of the bars, restricts the flow. Restricted flow forces the grain to thresh quickly, keeping the machine from overloading the separating section.

This system does not require the concave to be full to get the grain to thresh properly, the restricted flow is what gets the crop to thresh properly. The third concave in this system is a separating concave. No threshing happens in this section, due to increased threshing in the first two sections with the notched round bar.

Dave Hula Reveals His Residue Management Secrets For Growing Big Yields

Having a separating concave is, again, critical to unloading threshed gain from the system to decrease overload of the separating section. The Copperhead Concave System uses three cover plates.

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Two in the first concave and one in the second concave section. With the ability to easily adjust the system, you will be able to dial in close to ZERO rotor loss.We started playing with different concave systems and rasp bars. After trying two competing aftermarket concave systems, we still were not happy with the performance.

We decided to give the Thrash Master Concave System. We stuck them in and will not be taking them out. The rotor design got more of the crop out in the early stages of the concaves bring down rotor loss significantly.

That in turn helped separate better and got us down to less than 10 grains of rice per foot loss which is a vast improvement. Grain quality also improved to almost zero percent broken grain. It is a truly complete system for improving trashing, separating, and grain quality.

rpr concave settings

We installed the Thrash Master Concave System into our combine and were able to increase our speed in our corn. We did this while decreasing our fan speeds, lowering fuel costs per acre, decreasing our cracked grain, nearly eliminating rotor loss, and meanwhile putting a cleaner sample in the grain tank.

Very happy with the results. Thrash Master Concave System. After years of watching and studying the thrashing system of rotor combines, we have developed and completed testing of our new patent pending concave system.

The Thrash Master Concave System increases the thrashing surface area which gives your machine the ability to thrash better and more aggressively. This is accomplished without sacrificing the grains ability to escape the rotor and prevents damage to the grain. The Thrash Master Concave System has a patent pending latch system that enables you to quickly make settings adjustments to your concaves as you switch to different crop types.

Combine Settings Chart. Order NOW.And sold ONLY here. Sure your grandpa can use them, he will never have to change them out. And you will put more money in his pocket with that extra couple thousands of bushels you put in the grain tank. In short, you will probably be the new favorite grandchild. They STOP rotor loss in all crops. Run your rotor slower. Increase your ground speed. Go from corn to beans to wheat all with ONE set of concaves.

Just pop-on cover plates and go. As well as all the problems with the RPR system and 90 degree bar. The RPR Concave System does great in restricting the flow of crop, BUT it has often underperformed in small and hard-to-thresh grains like wheat resulting in unthreshed heads in the tank.

XPR threshing bars are not 90 degrees actually, less than even 50 degrees. The difference? In addition, our XPR concaves are engineered to retard and slow the flow of crop for maximum grain-on-grain threshing meaning you can run your rotor slower and more open resulting in SUPERIOR grain quality without grinding grain. PLUS it bolts right up. Plus, they are a PAIN to install and worse than changing concaves when having to remove them for small grains. Our cover plates prolong grain-on-grain threshing while keeping excess trash out so you have a clean grain tank.

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Increase Yields by Eliminating Rotor Loss!

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